SKU: 319225 Tennis Shoes Vol 8 Warriors of Cumorah

Tennis Shoes Vol 8 Warriors of Cumorah
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Caught in a mind-bending time warp, lost in an extraordinary adventure . . .

Leave all your expectations behind as your favorite characters from the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series are reunited in a miraculous journey to worlds never before imagined, where villains old and new must be stopped to keep the landscape of history from becoming permanently altered.

Just when the children of Jim Hawkins and Garth Plimpton thought they understood the powers of the Rainbow and Galaxy Rooms, a transformation of staggering dimensions takes place. It's a mystery whose secrets can only be unraveled by a pair of small white stones—stones of gleaming silver frame whose powers can only be harnessed by the mightiest of prophets or by one pure-hearted little girl.

Embark on the millennium's greatest adventure, an epic that one day soon will culminate in one of the most tremendous battles ever fought—a battle of tragedy, heroism, and the rebirth of dreams on the slopes of a hill called Cumorah.