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The Mortal Christ
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Popular speaker Jack R. Christianson is back with his warm stories, personal experiences, and inspiring insights that will help bring you closer to the Savior. Drawing on the examples and teachings of Christ's mortal ministry, Brother Christianson explains the importance of getting to know Him. "If you come to know the Master, you'll want to repent. You'll want to apply the atoning blood of Christ. When you have applied the atoning blood of the Master, then you can be cleansed and you can overcome anything." Brother Christianson teaches that, like Christ, "we should seek to please the Father," "help others live the gospel," "pray more earnestly," "live the gospel every day of your life," and "follow the promptings of the still, small voice. " The Mortal Christ will both motivate and inspire you to strengthen your relationship with deity and help you enjoy the blessings of the gospel more fully.