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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
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In times of trials or tragedies, our minds are often filled with questions. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do we have to suffer? What can we learn from our heartaches? Popular speaker and author Jack R. Christianson addresses these topics and more in this moving fireside talk. "The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that tribulations are part of the reality of mortality," says Brother Christianson. "They teach us things that can be learned in no other way. If we balk at the difficult things, we will not learn that which we came to earth to learn, and we will only see life with a partial view. "

With poignant stories and examples drawn from his years of Church service and gospel study, Brother Christianson helps us see how we can weather the storms of adversity. "In God's own wisdom, each of us will endure tribulation and suffering," Brother Christianson says. "We'll also face the death of loved ones. However, this comforting promise was given by the Prophet Joseph Smith: `All your losses will be made up to you, provided you remain faithful. By the vision of the Almighty, I have seen it. ' I don't know what that quote does to you, but it fills me with hope and relieves my suffering. "