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Beyond the Honeymoon
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  • SKU: 1415780 Beyond the Honeymoon

    25 Questions and Answers about Marital Intimacy

    Mark D. Ogletree, Kinsey D. Pistorius, Douglas E. Brinley


God’s plan for intimacy within the covenant of marriage is a beautiful aspect of His plan of happiness. But all too often couples—whether newly engaged or recently married—face the prospect of a sexual relationship uninformed and perhaps unprepared. In Beyond the Honeymoon, a highly qualified trio of experts answers dozens of the most common questions about marital intimacy—questions they’ve been asked over the years in their roles as Bishops, therapists, Institute of Religion instructors, and Brigham Young University professors, including:

How can engaged couples prepare for intimacy?
What does the Church teach about preparation for the honeymoon?
How often should couples be intimate?
Does the Church have an official stance on what goes on in the bedroom?

With references ranging from prophetic counsel to advice from secular and clinical relationship experts, this invaluable resource answers each question with clarity and reverence. This volume is perfect for newlyweds and engaged couples preparing for marriage and encourages married couples to establish a sexual relationship that is the fulfilling and sacred experience it is meant to be.