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Daughters of Eve
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  • SKU: 436366 Daughters of Eve

    John L. Lund


Daughters of Eve is a set of warm, inspirational talks that will help all women remember the noble and divine roles they fill in this life and in the eternities.

Talk 1: Daughter of God ,, Of all the roles a woman may fill in her lifetime, none is as eternal as that of being a daughter of God.

Talk 2: Wife and Companion ,, This talk describes the guiding principles that women should use in their marriage relationships.

Talk 3: Mother In Zion ,, In this talk Dr. Lund reminds women that motherhood is defined by how we love, not by the choices our children make.

Talk 4: Sister In the Kingdom ,, Dr. Lund concludes by discussing the role women have in helping prepare the Church for the Second Coming of Christ.