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After the devastating loss of his fiancée, war veteran Major Corbin Daniels has left the military behind and retreated to the tiny desert town of Moab, Utah, determined to pick up the pieces of his life. Corbin's work as a helicopter pilot allows him to do what he loves, and his side business as a private investigator provides plenty of low-key intrigue. But when a routine flight over the desert reveals the body of a prominent Moab citizen, Corbin's quiet civilian existence slips through his fingers.

Pulled into a murder investigation that draws on his military and PI skills, Corbin teams up with Sheriff Lisette Statton to solve the case. As the pair delves into the harrowing search for a killer, Corbin finds himself increasingly distracted by his partner—Lisette is competent, capable, and completely irresistible. In short, she's the kind of woman who makes it difficult to continue his pursuit of a bachelor's life. But with bullets flying and a murderer at large, there's little time to consider his feelings. And as the investigation leads to an explosive climax, Corbin will face his ultimate test: solve the mystery or die trying.

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