SKU: 318723 Making Sense of Gospel Symbols

Making Sense of Gospel Symbols
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  • SKU: 318723 Making Sense of Gospel Symbols

    Alonzo L. Gaskill


Throughout history, God has taught His people eternal truths by using symbols. Whether found in stories and parables from the scriptures, dreams and visions of prophets, or ordinances and architecture of the temple—symbolism is used throughout the gospel. Yet often, the full meaning of a passage of scripture or a particular ordinance is hidden because of our lack of understanding of the symbols themselves and their cultural or historical context. In Making Sense of Gospel Symbols, biblical scholar Alonzo Gaskill explains why God uses symbols to teach His people. Brother Gaskill provides a fascinating look at how numbers, clothing, colors, animals, and even body parts are used as symbols. He also discusses temple symbolism as well as types and shadows of Jesus Christ. Students of the gospel will appreciate Brother Gaskill's intriguing insights and will see and understand gospel truths in a whole new light.