SKU: 968331 Scripture Study Made Simple: D&C

Scripture Study Made Simple: D&C
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  • SKU: 968331 Scripture Study Made Simple: D&C

    Kathryn Jenkins Gordon


Of the standard works, the Doctrine and Covenants exclusively focuses on revelations and answers to prayers given for the organization and instruction of the Saints in this dispensation. As such, it is imperative that members of the Church strive to gain a deeper knowledge of this sacred volume. In Scripture Study Made Simple, Kathryn Jenkins Gordon presents readers with a unique guide to the scriptures, displaying the full scriptural text along with insightful commentary designed to deepen your understanding. With her masterful research and reflections on this holy book of scripture, the author leads readers through the sacred words of the Doctrine and Covenants in spectacular detail. By delving into individual verses, you will develop a rich familiarity with the history, terminology, and characterizations found within early Church accounts. Scripture Study Made Simple is a powerful yet easy,to,understand work of gospel scholarship, sure to illuminate the words of modern scripture as readers find new meaning in this book of commandments. For those seeking a broader understanding of the scriptures, this essential guide makes it easier than ever before to truly feast on the word of Christ given in this dispensation.