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    Hank Smith


Hank Smith is on a mission to help youth and their families get more out of their scripture study. Too often, Hank Smith says,people think they can get by without daily scripture study if they just read once a week for a really long time. That would be like brushing your teeth with seven times the amount of toothpaste on Sunday! It just doesnt work out too well. In Scripture Power, Hank compares scripture study to gold mining. He says that miners look for veins of gold in the rockand then they follow the veins. In the scriptures, the stories are the rock and the principles we extract from them are the gold. He teaches the concept ofRead it,Find it, andUse it to help listeners find the gold and apply the life,saving principles mined in their scripture study. With entertaining stories, examples from the scriptures, and inspiring quotes from Church leaders, Hank drives home his points in a powerful way. He closes with this testimony of the Savior:My hope is that you will read about Him in the Book of Mormon, that you will find Him and a relationship with Him in that book, and that you will use His Atonementthe gift He has given usbecause of what you read and find in the Book of Mormon.

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