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  • SKU: 1415841 Chased

    Clair M. Poulson


Siblings Jett and Karri Farrow are struggling with life in their aunt and uncle’s home, but at least they’re together—until Jett suddenly disappears. No one will tell Karri what happened, so she takes matters into her own hands: she’ll find Jett herself. After hitchhiking as far as Las Vegas, her search has proven fruitless. She needs a job if she’s going to continue her quest to find her brother. Unfortunately, the job she takes may just destroy her.

For two years, Karri lives a half-life in her work for a criminal organization. When she finally sees a chance to escape, she takes it. Her boss won’t let her go easily, but with the help of Detective Dwight Kerrigan, she might stand a chance. Together, they steal out of town in a bid to evade her former employer. Over their weeks on the run, Dwight and Karri are offered an unexpected chance at love. But even as they find the silver linings in their situation, the danger is far from gone. They’re being tracked, and they won’t be safe until they face the threat head on.

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