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Habits of Holy Men
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  • SKU: 1078329_P Habits of Holy Men

    Don H. Staheli,Lloyd D. Newell

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Prominently displayed on the front of every LDS temple are the words Holiness to the Lord. The promise of holiness uplifts and enlivens. In a noisy, troubled world, holiness gives peace, purpose, and perspective that cannot be found in any other way. Habits of Holy Men explores what holiness means, why it is so vital, and how it can be attained. Selecting key habits of holiness found in scripture, this book examines each of these transformative habits and explains why they are so necessary in our modern world. The book will both illustrate what it looks like to live these habits and suggest how the reader can fully embrace them.

Living a life of holiness invites the kind of spiritual protection that helps us navigate life's most difficult storms. Habits of Holy Men provides sincere readers with an opportunity to ponder and then develop a realistic plan to achieve the kind of personal holiness that will carry them through adversity, give them hope, and lead them to Jesus Christ.